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Volkswagen Touareg Achieves World Altitude Record
Volkswagen's Touareg has accomplished new heights in the realm of off-road capability. It has set a new world altitude record for a motor vehicle of 6,080 metres. Accomplished by a standard-engined Touareg 3.2 litre V8, this record has been...

How to Tune Your Model Airplane Engine
Tuning is simply adjusting your engine for peak performance. The factory-fresh settings may be a good starting point. However, you may need to compensate for higher altitudes, or for temperature changes with the seasons. Changes in fuel type or...

Home Improvement - New Solar Technology
Solar panel systems have always been criticized as bulky and unattractive. New solar technology is beginning to make such criticisms a thing of the past. Solar Advancement While everyone agrees solar energy is a clean,...

The Tibetan Lion Dog (Shih Tzu)
The earliest "Lion Dog" in Tibet had long hair, were small in size and similar to the Maltese in type. As Tibet and China exchanged traditions and beliefs of culture and religion, the exchange of dogs became a two-way affair as well. The...

Care of Cattleya
Cattleya Care a bit more in-depth This month we are going to go into some detail about the care of cattleya orchids. These orchids are probably the easiest to care for and like all plants need water, light and fertilizer. Playing some nice music or...

Talking Rugged Notebook
Copyright 2005 Richard Keir A rugged notebook offers mobile professionals the ability to work in any environment and in any location. Versatile and powerful, rugged notebook computers are designed specifically for both in-plant and outdoor...

They Came From Hungry Horse
"AHHHHHHHIIIIIOOWWWWWWWW!!!" I said. Not very articulate, but it expressed my feelings at the time. My thumb was stuck in a car door, that had just slammed shut. I was only about 4 years old at the time, and was chasing two older Martin boys...

Orchids Growing Exotic Beauty At Home
If you have a taste for the unusual in gardening, and an appreciation of the exquisite, you may want to try your hand at growing the one flower that speaks of beauty, elegance and the exotic. Orchids, having more than 30,000 species, are the largest...

Plasma TVs At High Altitudes
An interesting factor to consider when planning your purchase of a new plasma television is altitude. Plasma TVs use millions of tiny, gas-filled chambers to create a picture. When you move to higher altitudes, the constant pressure in the...

When exactly should I be wearing sunglasses?
Sunglasses play an important role in protecting your eyes from potentially harmful UV rays. This invisible form of energy takes the form of radiation which can damage your eyes if they are overexposed. But the pertinent question is, how much...

Mountain Hiking Tips, Mountain Trekking Gear and Equipment Hints.
Mountain hiking demands great gear and more education than your typical trail hike. Why? Because as you ascend breathing becomes less efficient, passage grows rugged, and rescue becomes more challenging. So consider your mountain ...

High Altitude Travel | Personal Care

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Editorial Comments throughout this site written by Laura Wheeler (with occasional sarcastic remarks by her son, David). Laura is a 10 year resident of Medicine Bow, Wyoming, where the altitude is greater than the population. Medicine Bow is at 6200+ ft above sea level, and boasts a total of 297 residents from the last census. Laura is an experienced technical, health and family writer.

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